Recording and Live Streaming not working at all Github Issue #5323

This was posted on GitHub ( ) as my first post there but was quickly “closed” and I was told to post here:

It has been extremely frustrating debugging jitsi issues. I usually “never” post (because I’ve always fixed my own issues) but had to create account now since too much frustration with all these dependencies which don’t seem to produce any useful debugging output at least not for jibri.

Just about everything I googled in terms of errors seemed to never have been answered by anyone who really knows this system but just by end users who were really ‘blindly guessing’ in trying to help others, and most such issues I read seemed to not be resolved.

I’d really appreciate a long-term user’s (not vested) honest opinion on the state of this project.

I believe I’ve setup everything correctly. Its on Ubuntu 17.04 following docs and video version as well and regular video conf works. I setup JIBRI but it seems jibri log outputs “nothing” WHEN i get the “Recording failed to start” or the “Live Streaming failed to start” errors inside jitsi-meet conf. session.

Unfortunately without the jibri features for “Live Streaming” RTMP and recording feature I would have to look elsewhere, so hopefully someone who understands the system can offer some help.

Edit: Seems like this is still a company backed product and not just open source in the wild, and so the frustration-latent wording seemed out of place, so apologies for that. (II would though love to see some improvements in error-reporting/diagnostics :slight_smile: thx!)

Post your jicofo log? Have you add the jibri brewery room in jicofo config?

Will post jicofo log in a couple minutes. I have inside: /etc/jitsi/jicofo/

(yes I changed my actual domain with “” for posting on here)

What port should I do a tcpdump on when I try to initiate start recording or start streaming to see if the right commands are getting through from browser to server etc?

Please include all Jibri logs as well.

Well Damian was right to look into jicofo. Everything was configured perfectly since simply “restarting” jicofo made both recording to file and also streaming to youtube to work!

I had restarted jitsi- services and jibri plenty times but guess due to lack of sleep hadn’t thought of jicofo. So just to make sure, what are ALL the processes that we must “manually” start/restart?

Well I’m really happy to have it working finally! It was driving me crazy since kept double-checking everything and all the settings seemed perfectly correct, and apparently they were, since just restarting jicofo fixed all recording and streaming issues. If you still want the jicofo logs for some reason let me know. I had watched the logs during the error in browser and nothing was written to log during initiation of recording or streaming, but now I’m guessing that likely was previous error.

Perhaps there could be some stronger debugging logging enabled initially or improvement in relaying more helpful errors back into the actual browser even…or info as to where to go look.