Recording and confidentiality

As a psychotherapist I need to be sure that the client (individual or group) who is in the room can not record the session without me knowing/allowing it. This is extremely important to avoid data misuse and ensure confidentiality. Is it possible to controll the client’s recording?

If you run your own server, you can not configure recording, but you cannot stop the client recording locally (e.g. through a screen recorder), in the same way that you cannot stop a client recording a phone call with them.

If you are using, you cannot stop someone from starting a recording.

Its possible to disable recording using as API?

Its not possible to prevent any kind of recording, but for this type of service, it’s required that no record option is enable by default or using the own app.

Well, E2EE is available as a Beta option; if users enable it, the session will not be recorded at the server level, even with

yes, but is it possible to enter a E2EE with the ? It doesn’t seems so. So it will require a extra step that could raise the probability of making mistakes.

Also the recording and broadcasting icons are still there. People will still think that the other side could record or broadcast.

Is it possible to make those options go away, when using API?


There is no way to avoid that, since the other side can always record or broadcast as has been explained already in this thread.

I know, but its not about actual record or broadcast.
But to dont provide it so easily.

If you enter a room with record and broadcast, you understand that this is something that can be done. Not technical, but “legal” or its allowed to do so.

But not all the conversations are subject to record or broadcast. One says that it cannot be done.

So to use the resource, it must not give this option.

If someone does it, outside the app, it will be subject to consequences.

Did you understand the issue?