Recording and Broadcasting The Entire Screen

Currently to execute a recording or broadcast, I am doing the following:

The Room

let room = connection.initJitsiConference(getRoomName(), options.conference);


let shouldShare = false;

            let record = room.startRecording({
                mode: JitsiRecordingConstants.mode.FILE,
                appData: JSON.stringify({
                    'file_recording_metadata': {
                        'share': shouldShare,
                        'event_id': xxxxx,
                        'jwt': 'some-jwt'


let record = room.startRecording({
                broadcastId: xxxxxx,
                mode: JitsiRecordingConstants.mode.STREAM,
                streamId: 'rtmp://'

The methods only get the current user’s video and not their full screen. What value can I pass into the startRecording object or change the Chrome setup on the Jibri instance to capture the users entire screen?

You cannot manage it from the UI side. Probably the resolution is not correct in jibri.conf