Recorded video gone?!

Hi community,

can you help me with the following problem, I haven’t found anything in the FAQs or on the web.

I was recording a meeting (interview) by using a moderated URL.
I worked with Firefox on a win10 computer.

Now the recorded file cannot be found on the computer.

With the Chrome browser, a download to the “Download” folder starts automatically after the recording has ended, unfortunately not with Firefox.

(I stopped the recording before I closed the meeting)

Is the file/recording somehow still salvageable? Is it still stored on a Jitsi server?

Thank you for an answer!

Welcome to the forum.

Unfortunately, the recording is definitely not stored on the server (it’s a local recording). Did you check your Download folder even though you didn’t get/see the prompt, just in case?

Thanks, Freddie,

the computer I checked as well as I can do (like searching the file type etc.)

Next time I will do a backup recording.