Record with nextcloud instead of dropbox

I would like to know how to replace dropbox as the place to record the meetings to.
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Check this script done by @Ark74


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Should you want more flexibility, this solution supports nextcloud too (and many others):

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I’ve been thinking about this approach for sometime now, it’s amazing how fast you got it done. :raised_hands:

Mostly for cases where you keep adding jibri nodes to your jitsi-meet, since having the same amount of nextcloud instances as jibri nodes is not feasible.

But for 1-server infrastructure, the one @masteryoda suggest I think is a great use.

Neat idea

you can set up rclone to store pretty much anywhere (NAS, backblaze etc.) for that matter even cyberduck is available as CLI.

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@masteryoda FYI I’ve started tagging useful posts that could be written into useful documentation with “docneeded”.

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