Record to Dropbox

Hello !
I registred the meeting to Dropbox. But the file is empty !
Could you give me exactly how I can do please.
Thank you in advance

you have to press the “record” button. and when you hear the “recording has started” the recording has begun. you might not have enough storage on your dropbox if so it will still in the jitsi servers for 24 hrs until being deleted

I heard and saw that the recording worked.
I will try to clean my Dropbox…
Thank you

okay, tell me if it works or not!

It works now !
Thank you.


Hello !

Sorry to ask you a new problem and sorry for my bad English !
A person I invited for a meeting has the computer screen totaly black. He can’t see anything.
His computer is a little bit old, the camera is ok with Skype and the connexion is good.
When he clicks on the link I sent him, the screen stays black.
Thank you in advance for a solution please.