Record time limit - does it get saved?

Hi, I made a conference and tried to record it, but it stopped in the middle, I think because it got over the time limit, and it didn’t get to my dropbox.

When it stops like this, does it get saved?
Because I don’t know if I have to wait or do it again

As far as I remember is quite immediate the safe, so if it broke up… probably the registration has gone.

I’d suggest you to use a screen recording application on your client side for avoid similar issue.

Hi and thank you for your question.

I just finished one of my training sessions. While I was talking to my students and recording the session, it has stopped suddenly. I checked and the recorded time is 1:00:55 (one hour and 55 seconds). I thought the 2GB of my free Dropbox account is full. I checked the size of the recorded file, it’s 773.9MB so I have no idea why the recording has stopped?!

As for your last question, if you are recording and saving on Dropbox, it should be there even if it has stopped.

Hope that helps!