Record participants video stream individually

Hi Team,

First Thing, I would like to Thank the whole Jitsi team… This is an awesome project.

I’m using jitsi for one of our requirement. I have followed quick installation steps to config and install jitsi. I am also using to create room along with some config changes.

One of our requirement is to record the video of participants individually. Basically saving each participants video stream. As of I know Jibri records the whole conference session but we need video streams of participants separately. Thinking of intercepting the video streams in Videobridge (I don’t know if its possible, please help). I think Jirecon was doing this, but its deprecated now. Please can anybody help on which approach to follow.

Team, I apologize if i have posted this in wrong mailing list… could you please guide the correct mailing list to get the help.

Whether LibJitsi ( helps in this case? Can anybody give a clear idea on this?

I also hope to achieve this. Is there any new news?

no solution for this @cheng_zhao
we started using webrtc methods itself to record later