Record multiple conferences at a time

I was wondering if it is possible to record multiple conferences at a time with Jibri? I have the docker architecture running, where every component is on the same machine. Is it possible to have multiple Jibri containers running on the same machine and recording different conferences at the same time? If yes, what configuration do I have to change? From what I read each Jibri container needs a different $DISPLAY number and a different nickname. What else is needed?

You need to care of the loop audio devices.

When I change $DISPLAY number to 1 for example (only one jibri running) recording failes to start and the logs say:

Error starting Jibri service: org.openqa.selenium.WebDriverException: unknown error: Chrome failed to start: exited abnormally
  (unknown error DevToolsActivePort file doesn't exist)

Should I edit anything else regarding X11 server? I was just trying out with one jibri first, so I know what configuration to change with multiple Jibri’s.

Yes, I suppose and here:

Ah great thank you. Also, few more short questions, I will make this display variable configurable, the nicknames are already unique on my docker architecture. About the .asoundrc file, what do I have to change there? Only “pcm.cloop” or all of them? Also, is it guaranteed that multiple Jibris work on the same machine?

No just one per session.

Ah, you mean it is not guaranteed, or it does not work for sure? I want one jibri per conference, but multiple jibris recording different conferences at a time.

One jibri can be used at the same time on one conference.
You need to deploy multiple jibri instances to be used simultaneously in different conferences.

Great then, if I achieve it I will post the configuration, because I did not see that anyone did it for one machine.