Record Meeting Not Available

Hello, I am a self hoster, and I am having trouble getting my site to record meetings, does anyone know what may be the cause? My site is if that somehow helps you. Is there advance configurations in order to enable recording?

What guide did you follow to install Jibri? I’m assuming you successfully installed Jitsi before that. What exactly happens when you try to start a recording?

It just says "Recording Failed to Start. Everything else works.

        "<body rid=\"3062496520\" sid=\"a48d5b2c-2096-4b81-8ab6-2e95e5ce3395\" xmlns=\"\"><iq id=\"40133e00-0e2b-4aaf-b6ec-e69e19abac4c:sendIQ\" to=\"\" type=\"set\" xmlns=\"jabber:client\"><jibri action=\"start\" app_data=\"{&quot;file_recording_metadata&quot;:{&quot;share&quot;:true}}\" recording_mode=\"file\" xmlns=\"\"/></iq></body>"
    "<body sid=\"a48d5b2c-2096-4b81-8ab6-2e95e5ce3395\" xmlns=\"\" xmlns:stream=\"\"><iq from=\"\" id=\"40133e00-0e2b-4aaf-b6ec-e69e19abac4c:sendIQ\" to=\"\" type=\"error\" xmlns=\"jabber:client\"><error type=\"cancel\"><item-not-found xmlns=\"urn:ietf:params:xml:ns:xmpp-stanzas\"/></error></iq></body>"