Record and live streaming in the same room meeting?

Hi all!.

I’ve setup my own jitsi server and I’ve installed 4 jibri instances. Every jibri instance has different jibri_nickname. I don’t have any problems recording several different room meetings at the same time (and I can record one meeting and perform live streaming in another room), but I can’t record and perform a live streaming in the same room meeting.

Any ideas ? How can I do it ?

Thanks in advanced.

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Currently you can either record or livestream and not both, sorry.

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Even I have the same requirement.I got 2 jibri’s running and can use both of them in two different rooms to stream or record simultaneously. I need to use them to record and stream at once, but could’nt. Is there any other way you solved this? or any trick?.

Hello @yuvrajchowdary,

I added the solution to the related topic:
stream and record at the same time

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Hello @emrah
I’ve already added a ffmpeg in /usr/bin   /opt/util
to overwrite the default youtube stream to our personal engine.
May i add it directly there?

But this is not a good place to put the custom application, an ffmpeg upgrade will overwrite your app. And where did you put the original ffmpeg?

I followed this.

In this tutorial, the fake ffmpeg puts in /opt/util/, not in /usr/bin/

in /opt/util.
Need help merging those two fake ffmpegs

If you want to stream to Youtube and to record this stream at the same time, the script which I added to the other topic does exactly this.

If you want to stream to another stream server or multiple stream servers, please clarify your need.

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Thanks @emrah.
I can now live stream to another custom rtmp stream server and record it simultaneously.

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