Reconnect behaviour when switching mobile connection

Using Jitsi Meet on mobile with, when there are 3 people in the room any mobile device can be switched between mobile and Wi-Fi (creating an IP change) and there is a reconnection without any user message.

  • it is noticable that iOS devices reconnect without any delay whereas Android devices pause for a long time and the screen will go black until they reconnect.

When doing this with a self deployed server, the behaviour is different.

When there are only 2 people in the room the behaviour is as above.
When there are 3 people in the room, when the connection is shanged between mobile/Wi-Fi the Android device starts to show a reconnect message. If the user selects the reconnect option, they enter the room as a new participant. Eventually the old participant times out and dies.

What setting might help a self installed version act the same way as

I have posted another question about other approaches to seamless handover but I wanted to post this to simply understand what settings should be set for a good baseline behaviour before adding any further complexity.