Recommended way to do secure domain

What would be the recommended way to require authentication for a room?
JWT seems to have installation issues. Would ldap be the way or maybe internal hashed with a database connection so an external application could write the reservation to the database?

Sorry if i have understood this completely wrong. Saml or oauth doesn’t seem to be supported.

Use secure domain if you want users to authenticate using username/password prompt in Jitsi Meet, or JWT auth if you have another process/app that handles authentication and can issue tokens. Both these approaches are widely use and should work if configured correctly.

I think there have been issues with jwt? As far as I have understood 8x8 doesn’t really use those so I think it has been pretty much abandoned? secure domain with internal hashed seems to use prosody authentication methods I’m not really sure how to let an external application allow access to jitsi using that. Maybe let jitsi write access things to a sql database and then create users and rooms directly there? But I’m just guessing here.

JWT works just fine and is not abandoned. JaaS relies on JWT for auth. If you post details about the issues you’re having with JWT someone might be able to help.

That’s correct.

If you want to handle auth in an external app, JWT is the way to go.

jitsi-meet-token package does seem to have issues. When installing on debian 11 there are errors

Missing dependencies for luajwtjitsi 2.0-0:
luaossl >= 20190731-0 (not installed)
lua-cjson == 2.1.0-1 (not installed)
lbase64 >= 20120807-3 (not installed)

Shouldn’t luarocks solve these dependencies if possible. I don’t thing lbase64 exists at all.

It seems to depend on lua5.1 while later prosody versions use 5.2
It also needs libssl1.0-dev which probably shouldn’t be used anymore leaving me to think
it hasn’t been updated in a while.

We switched the luajwt version in latest packages.

Can you try with latest from unstable?

Everything works now. Thank you. Might have been some issues also with dependencies on the system, but everything compiles and installs now.

Thank you again