Recommended way to deploy Jitsi in production

Hello all,

I am planning to deploy and scale Jitsi using a single signalling server and multiple Videobridges.

To this day, I deployed Jitsi by directly installing Ubuntu packages for my single node tests.

I wanted to ask that as of 2020, if I want to deploy Jitsi in production, what is the route that should I take? Is docker-jitsi-meet the best practice, or would you prefer installing from the packages like in the Linux tutorial? I would prefer using docker-jitsi-meet, but I don’t know if it is maintained to be the recommended way of deploying Jitsi,

My requirements are:
100+ concurrent 1-to-1 video conversations
Video recording - Jibri
Chat archiving
JWT authentication

If these change anything about the configuration.

Thank you,

Use, the best to your convenience. Jitsi-meet docker images are updated everytime we release a stable version for jitsi-meet, it is maintained.

@damencho Thank you very much for clarification,