Recommended System Requirements for a 25 User Meeting

The install documentation is excellent, but I didn’t see documentation regarding system requirements for varying numbers of expected meeting attendants.

For example, if I intend to have a meeting with 25 users, I realize this would require a fast internet connection for the server, but what would be the recommend number processing cores, and RAM?

2 cores, 8 GB RAM

I’ll add that since it’s a real-time system performance can be very sensitive to details that’s why setting parameters in stone could be misleading. In terms of core, all cores are not created equal. If you go for example at Ionos (that’s a German hoster) it’s very nicely expressed: you get a button for ‘shared cores’ and ‘dedicated cores’ allowing you to see instantly the result. That’s not AT ALL the same price. And ‘dedicated cores’ are what’s recommended by this hoster for video systems.
When you go to other hosters there is often not such transparency, but use the prices to sniff out if you get dedicated cores or not.
Edit: I mixed up German hosters, that’s Hetzner, not Ionos.

correct, hosters use vcores and cores, this last category rises price a lot.