Recommended Server Capacity / Specs - 100 simultaneous conf. with 10 participants max (each) @360p


So far my own installation of Jitsi is running ok with P2P enabled while my application (where Jitsi is embedded) only allows 1x1 / P2P calls to happen.

I would like to expand by allowing ~100 conferences, with up to 10 participants each, to take place at the same time, with a 360p resolution.

Could someone share some advice on what should be my server specs / configuration / bandwidth capacity?

Also, is there a way to roughly calculate my requirements given my resolution is known, just varying the number of simultaneous conferences / max participants?

Note: please note I am pretty new to all the technical stuff; all I did so far was to run a standard installation (which I am hosting at Digital Ocean) and embedding the iFrame on my web app. I am reading about having separate videobridges etc, but would like to confirm if that’s necessary…


I’ve been searching / reading the forum but couldn’t find anything concrete around how to estimate this…is this really something that is still not documented?

I don’t want to put 1000 people in the same conference room; but split 1000 people across 100 conference rooms.

I think the best approch would be to install a JMS server (without a JVB) and an auto-scaling JVB pool.