Recommendation for SIP provider

Why not take a look at asterisk, or freepbx, and hook that up to, then then contact Jigasi to asterisk/freepbx?

Hm i’ll try to look into it also Didlogic should work for Jitsi Right?

Yes, but if you want the kind jf features we’ve discussed here, you’ll still need asterisk or another PBX.

So to have a access code you need to have a PBX?

Or u need to have one regardless?


Do you know how to set that up?

Like do you think you can help me? :slight_smile:

If you’re not sure, and don’t want to give it a try, you’ll probably find freepbx easier than asterisk. But if you run it in the same VM as jitsi, you’ll need to deal with a second web server config.

Alternatively, if this is all getting a bit too complicated, it might be worth either just using, or else paying someone to set it up for you?

I do have another VPS I could use :slight_smile:

Great - good luck!

First get the PBX talking to
Second send up an account for jitsi
Third connect jibrasi to your pbx
Fourth configure the dial plan for sending the custom header based on PIN

Okay I think i’ll be using DidLogic

They are a bit cheaper :slight_smile: They are reliable right?

I’ve used them for years with no problems.

Alright and they provide DID’s right?

Have you looked at their website?