Recommendation for SIP provider

I would like to host Jitsi Meet for my company. One feature we really need are dial-in numbers in several countries, such as they are offered by hosted For us most important countries are Germany, France, USA but the more the better. We don’t have a high volume so would prefer a pay-by-minute tariff. Do you know which (single?) SIP provider is used for and do you recommend any other? Many thanks in advance.

For we are currently using voximplant.

nice to e-meet you.
May i ask you a step by step or tutorial for configuring SIP provider (voximplant) into our jitsi architecture?

Thank you so much in advance!

Sorry, we do not have such a tutorial. But it is simple as create a sip account there and add the account id: username@applicaitonName and password when installing Jigasi, then you need to setup some dial-out rules and incoming calls IVR for which they have a bunch of examples in their documentation.
If you have questions on the way, create new thread about it(adding Voximplant in the title) and ask your specific questions there.

I plan to use located in Canada, they have several end points in many datacenters around the world.

What would be a good SIP provider and easy to use with cheap pricing? :smiley:

I use didlogic for most things.

Is it easy to setup :smiley:

It exposes a standard SIP trunk (like almost every SIP trunk provider would, I imagine).

So I need to just buy a SIP Trunk?

Sorry :smiley: im new to this

You’ll need to buy the numbers you want, then configure them on the SIP provider’s side (as I’m assuming you don’t have a PBX) to send them to a SIP account (probably one they offer), and then connect that SIP account to your jigasi installation.

Okay I just bought a SIP and DID from
Not too sure what to do next

Install jigasi, and configure it to use your VoIP provider’s SIP trunk.

Ensure you’ve set up your account to route calls to the DIDs in question to the account linked to jigasi.

Okay and the whole putting in the access code part when calling… Jigasi does all of that right?

What access code?

Like in the demo version you dial the number and then u have a access code?


By default, it will put all calls into whatever room you have set as org.jitsi.jigasi.DEFAULT_JVB_ROOM_NAME.

If you want it to route differently, you’ll need a SIP server which can handle user input (DTMF) and inject a custom header, Jitsi-Conference-Room.

(See here, for an example of a suitable dialplan).

wait so whatever meeting is there… its not seperate like this:


Where there is a pin? because I need to have that

Try setting up jigasi, and see how you get on. But I have a nasty feeling it might not be quite as straightforward as I think you are hoping.

In your example, I think your SIP server will need to recognise that PIN “2370 3824 85” equates to room “Test1111111111”, and so, when it receives a call and the caller inputs that PIN, it injects a customer header, “Jitsi-Conference-Room”, with the room name set in it.

That’s not a function of jigasi, but rather of your SIP server (such as asterisk).

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Yeah… Ur Right…
I just dont know how to set it up and I really needed some help If you are able to join my Discord so Its easier to talk that would help :slight_smile: