Recommend a server

I work for a calendar wordpress plugin we have 50K sales and would like to introduce jitsi into the calendar system

essentially we need a server to run the jitsi events, now not all of those 50K sales are active sales

but are there server recommendations the bulk of our customers are the USA.

we would like a server cluster that can grow with us so if we need to increase settings to enable more people using the jitsi that is important to us when selecting a server- to start with we will start small to test things out and to integrate jitsi with out plugin in the hope that eventually

clients add events on their website which auto creates a jitsi meeting video which they enable to start (at the right time) - that stream is embeded into the site- locked by ticket purchase (or rsvpā€™ing for free events)

but we are in the early days and require server recommendations, if there are any servers which auto have jitsi already installed that would be ideal so all we have to do is tweak an existing intalation as opposed to setting it up from scratch