Recent problems both with recording and with screen sharing

I had prepared the post below about problems concerning recording and screen sharing. I was not aware of the existence of posts that already dealt with recording, but discovered them after having prepared the post. I’ll post my text as I have prepared it, being aware that some of the issues have already been reported (and answered).

I am an individual user of Jitsi Meet, one who has spread the word since the beginning of the pandemic in spring 2020 and who has stimulated dozens of users to get acquainted with the tool, as an open source alternative to Zoom, MS Teams and others.
I have happily used both the browser version (normally on Brave within Ubuntu) and the electron app. A few weeks ago, on coming back from my summer holidays, I noticed some important changes in the web interface and/or in the electron tool, which I hadn’t noticed before but which (for the moment being) negatively affect the usability of the tool for more sophisticated types of usage than just have a chat. These changes concern both screen sharing and the recording of sessions, which are important functions for professionals, e.g. for teachers.

1. screen sharing problems in the browser
The electron tool (jitsi-meet_amd64.deb – version 2022.9.1) still admits all kinds of screen sharing, without any restraint. It permits the user to easily select a screen (even with a multiscreen setting) and/or window and allows screen sharing of all kinds of windows and applications, e.g. pdf-readers, files within LibreOffice, tab screens and windows of the browser, the file manager etc…
This unfortunately is no longer the case for the browser version, at least as far as Brave and Chrome are concerned. When asking to share one’s screen a menu is opened with a choice between my two screens, but they are both black and this remains the case after having selected and shared one of them (see screenshot 1).The only remaining sharing possibility concerns the sharing of browser tabs and active windows of (only) the browser (see screenshot 2). I think that many users will consider this a regression and will want the screen sharing function to be repaired, in order to permit the sharing of all kinds of windows and apps without restraints, as before. I would therefore ask the community to look into this matter and to see to it that screen sharing is being facilitated in a satisfactory and more or less equal way in all versions!.
I have also checked the Jitsi interface on Firefox (snap) and I discovered that strange enough the screen sharing function is different from Chrome, Brave and (perhaps) other Chromium based browsers. The screen sharing in the Firefox version seems to work well. The browser asks for a permission to access screens, after which the user can select whatever screen and app to share.

2. recording
The recording of a meeting or a lesson will for many users be a central function. Until a few months ago there was a recording function in all versions, both the different browser interfaces and the electron app. The recording function was exactly the same and was implemented by establishing a link with the Dropbox account of the user. For me this solution worked perfectly well, but I can understand that some users objected against a ‘forced’ use of Dropbox.
The Dropbox link is no longer active and there seem to be important differences between the electron app and the different web interfaces.
• The electron app does not allow recording at all anymore. The option ‘start recording’ has disappeared from the clickable menu (3 dots) (see screenshot 3);
• The same is the case for the Firefox version. It does not allow recording and the ‘start recording’ option has disappeared from the menu;
• The Brave (and Chrome) versions on the other hand show a new recording function. The ‘start recording’ option can be found in the menu list under the 3 dots. When clicked one gets the possibility to start a recording (of the whole session and all participants OR only of one’s own audio and video streams) (see screenshot 4). The recording has a maximum duration of 100’ and the file has to be saved locally on one’s own computer.
For me this Brave option works out well too, eventhough I personally preferred the Dropbox link.
I would like to request the Jitsi developing community to restore the recording function in the electron app and in all web interfaces in the same way.

3. conclusion
I sincerely hope that both the screen sharing function and the recording of sessions will be re-implemented in all versions in the same way, esp. in the electron app. Perhaps policy for changing the electron app could be somewhat more conservative as it comes innovations and should keep things unaltered as long as innovations are still in an experimental phase, like for instance the ‘local’ recording function in Brave/Chrome etc…, which at this moment is only a beta version.

As application developers we have no control over those dialogs, they are presented by the browser. I don’t know if it’s a browser bug or a permissions issue in your system, but alas we can’t do anything. The Electron dialog is controlled by us, not so in browsers.

Dropbox recording required a server component which had a cost associated with it, and we have disabled that on our free service. It still works if you are a JaaS customer or you deploy Jitsi Meet to your own server.

Local recording is the only option currently available on, and it currently doesn’t work on Electron, that’s why you see no recording option available.

I understand. I sincerely hope that the Electron version - which is the version I regularly use - will keep the screen sharing function intact.

Local recording would be alright with me, as long as there is a recording function. I hope that a recording function will soon be made available again within the electron version. The most frequent use I make of it is prerecording online presentations, since it easily allows recording the speaker ánd a presentation such as powerpoint, impress or a pdf presentation! For this reason the combination of recording + screen sharing is important to me. At this moment I can do only one of these two at the same time, i.e. sharing in electron or on Firefox and recording within a Chromium based browser.

I can now inform users & developers that it seems to be a Wayland problem. I use a linux machine (ubuntu 22.04) that uses Wayland as default, but allows users to switch back to Xorg if necessary. I tried both the Brave and Chrome browsers for a jitsi meet session with screen sharing in an Xorg session and they both work perfectly!! Even screen sharing with the Electron app (jitsi-meet-amd64.deb) functions better under Xorg than in a Wayland session!!


Which means that the only remaining issue for me would be to refacilitate session recording in the Electron app. No problem if that is the new local recording function, which would have the benefit of not only allowing the recording of complete sessions, but also of one’s own audio and video streams.

Good analysis!

Note we don’t have short term plans to add it to Electron, since some Electron specific code will likely need to be written, but any patches are welcome.

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But perhaps medium term plans? Would be great for many users and would strengthen the position and prestige of the app. :slightly_smiling_face: