Receiver Video Constraints Changed Event gives warning and is not handled

I am using lib-jitsi-meet and trying to set the received quality on specific streams by sending a ReceiverVideoConstraintsChangedEvent to the JVB.
However from the JVB logs I see that the messages is not being processed, I get the warning: EndpointMessageTransport.unhandledMessage#136: Received a message with an unexpected type: ReceiverVideoConstraintsChangedEvent.

After investigating the JVB code I found that the necessary function for handling these kind of messages:
open fun receiverVideoConstraints(message: ReceiverVideoConstraintsMessage) = unhandledMessageReturnNull(message) is not overridden anywhere and defaults to logging the above warning.

Since the message is getting this far, I assume that it has the correct syntax. I use this form:
{ "colibriClass": "ReceiverVideoConstraintsChangedEvent", "videoConstraints": [ { "id": "abcdabcd", "idealHeight": 180 }, { "id": "12341234", "idealHeight": 360 } ] }

I am using the latest build of the JVB 2.1-273-g072dd44b on Debian Buster installed with apt.

My questions are:
Did I miss something?
If not, is this function planned in the future?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi Soma,

This is a very interesting issue, did you find the solution for your problem?