Receive an alert/email when the call has ended

I would like to know how to set an alert to know when people have joined the meeting so that I can follow up and also know how long they have been together. Thank you.

There is no builtin way to do this. You could likely build it yourself with some Prosody module that hooks to room states.

There are no built-in features in Jitsi to do that at the moment, but if you host your own server or if you use JaaS, there are integrations you can build relatively easily to achieve that.

I short, using event hooks mentioned above, you can trigger API calls on every join or on meeting end, and the hook payload will contain information about the participant(s). It will be down to you to implement the APIs and do what you need, e.g. send an email or push notifications etc.

Thank you very much for your reply. I have a website made with Wordpress and I would like to know if I can integrate Jaas and what steps I have to follow. I would also like to know the price.

Thank you very much!


You can find pricing information at

As for how to integrate with WordPress, I believe there are free and paid-for plugins offered by various parties. Try googling for “wordpress jitsi”.

I don’t think they offer the alerting feature you wanted though. You will need to find a developer to help you with that. Or perhaps contact the plugin providers to see if they can help.

Good luck.

Many thanks Shawn!