Reasons for partially disrupted video/audio connections when using for more than 2 persons

I just discovered Jitsi Meet looking for a Zoom alternative for group meetings during the Corona crisis. However - after two test meetings on with 3 to 4 people - it was totally obvious, we are unable to use it for group meetings > 2 people and I am really wondering why.

Having a conference with one person (2 people per room) was just fine and fluid. However, as soon as a third person entered, it was hardly possible, that everyone could hear and see each other at the same time. E.g. user A could be seen/heard by use B but not by user C. User B could be seen by user A but not heard. Muting and unmuting did not help. What actually seemed to help in our first test round (3 users), was that the user, who was not able to see/hear the other 2, presses “F5” (reloading the page / reentering the room). However in the second round (4 users) this turned out not to be a practical solution at all. Finally one member stated, that she had recently tried Jitsi Meet with colleages and the web application simply “fell apart” when they became more than 4 people (whatever she meant by “falling apart”), we quickly concluded to return to Zoom.

So we are done with Jitsi this time. However to not simply give up and to get some ideas for next time, I would like to ask the more experienced of you, what could have been the reasons for our complete failure to use Jitsi. I am a total newbee and non-prefessional, so can only guess:

  1. Low performance of Jitsi servers due to overload?
    (We were using from Germany on 22nd and 31st of march 2020 in the evening around 9 p.m…)
  2. Browsers were not compatible?
    (We used up to date Firefox and Chrome.)
  3. A bug, that somehow leads to a partially disrupted video/audio connection, when a participants (re)enter the room?
    (Our problem usually started when a new paticipant entered or reentered the room; things, that worked before, did not work anymore.)
  4. Jitsi is not capable to handle more than two users?
    (This was actually our practical conclusion, but maybe is not completely true.)

I am specifically interested, if this might have been a performance issue (servers might be heavily loaded due to Corona situation). Does anybody really use under the actual conditions? Is it more like a demonstration site and should you always install Jitsi on your own servers?

-> maybe related to: Not everyone hear all participants and Others can’t hear or see me, even though camera and microphone are working

Use only Chrome for now, Firefox is known to not work very well, and need to be reloaded several times in some cases to be able to connect. We are aware of this problem and we are working on fixing it.

Thanks a lot. So I have an idea now, what I can change next time.

Let us hope, that this will solve it.

Hello Community,

we have exactly the same problem with our self-hosted jitsi. As soon as a third person entered the room the perfomance went down and it’s not possilble to do a videoconference. Our server is behind a NAT and we followed the instructions here…

We used Google Chrome and also the iOS app

Any ideas?

Thank you for your help

The internal IP is also displayed in the chrome://webrtc-internals

a= candidate: 1 1 udp 2130706431 192.168.xx.xx 10000 type host generation 0