Reason of unfortunate app ratings on Google Play

Just in case you are wondering why that many people rated Jitsi Meet app with only one star: most of them are kids.

Apparently German ministry of education recommended this app to be used for teaching while schools are closed (Corona virus things…). So, what happened? Lots of teachers are using inadequate server infrastructure to host lots of multi-user video conferences. It’s not astonishing that this does not work very well…

Pupils only recognize the frontend – Jitsi Meet app – and hold that app responsible for bad conference performance. When I read the German 1-star comments, it is very clear to me that many of them come from frustrated 12 or 14 year old pupils.

What I wanted to say:

Dear developers, please do not think badly of your app! It is a very good piece of software!
Better do not take the recent 1-star comments on Google Play too seriously.
Better ask yourself why even government officials recommend your app. It really seems to be a very good and privacy-friendly software. :slight_smile:

also its probably an atemp to “delete it from the playstore” lots of apss that where used for educational use where ratetd low in the hope that they would then be removed