Realtime and offline performance metrics for customer support on production deployment


I have a production system which customers use. Two users go to P2P but more would use jvb. Sometimes the customers complain about the quality, jitter etc and expect it to behave just like zoom (and rightly so).

How do I check the performance metrics without joining the conference (for privacy reasons) and understand the performance.

  • Is there a dashboard which can give me realtime stats of performance.

  • Also sometimes customer tell me that after 15 mins of meeting the audio muted for 5 seconds or there was video artifacts after 25 mins. Is there a way to dump the performance metrics to check back later and see what happened at times mentioned by customer and try and rectify the problem.

  • Also, how to get realtime performance metrics and take action in real time. e.g. There are already 30 people in meeting and 2 more join and jvb is 90% capacity so now start a new jvb and use it for these 2 users and others who join from now on.

You could subscribe to callstats and enable it in config:

Thats great @shawn . I am also looking for open source and free alternatives at the moment. I agree callstats is a great product though.

You can run rtcstats-server and configure clients to push stats.
In the end, you will be able to have graphs like the webrtc-internals one.

It’s not one command setup and involves some work to be able to use it.

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