readyToClose is not fired after hangup


I’m listening to readyToClose event but now a new page is displayed when I hangup. Then I need to click the close button to fire the event.

Is there anyway to disable this new page?

@damencho , just to make sure because this is critical for my application:

is there any event on interfaceConfig for when user click on hangup button? (i want to execute a piece jquery function when hangup is clicked)

A few days ago, it was running ok with the ‘readyToClose’ but now with the promo, routine run one step later (which in my application is no good).

Is there a way to do it with

Thanks in advance,

Ok… But mine is the same of Alexandre_Rodrigues

No, according to the Terms of service that promos should be shown to the users for at least 15 seconds.

Hi, i have the same problem. We have a self hosted jitsi server with SHOW_PROMOTIONAL_CLOSE_PAGE = true

Im using Jitsi Iframe Api. Its works fine, but when i hungup the event listener “readyToClose” is not fired.
How can I make it work again?


Thanks! Good Idea! I will try