[react-native] Not receiving ADD_TRACK and other events

Hi! And thanks for this great package.

I’ve got voice channels implemented in a webapp using lib-jitsi-meet and it’s working flawlessly.

However, when trying to do the same thing in our react-native app, it seems that I’m not receiving some events, and the most important one, ADD_TRACK. I see logs that I connected successfully, joined room, added local tracks, and user joined. But after a user joining, I do not receive his remote track, and the users in the room can’t also hear me at all.

Already tried messing up with lib-jitsi-meet versions with no luck.

Maybe there’s something wrong with my lib-jitsi-meet or react-native-webrtc installation? Tried to mimic what you guys have on the jitsi-meet repo, extracting the useful parts. Installed the package, dependencies and polyfills. It works for the most part, but maybe I’m missing something here?

Any pointing in the right direction would help.

Thanks in advance.