React Native Jitsi with Custom built JitsiMeetSDK iOS no video/audio

Hi everyone

We are trying to use a custom built JitsiMeet SDK in a react native app, jitsi connects to the meeting, but no audio/video is coming across.

Our app is also react native, and we are using

Jitsi works fine when we use the default JitsiMeetSDK installed by react-native-jitsi-meet (pod install), even if we increase the podspec to refer to a more recent version 2.8.1 or 2.9.0.

We tried building our own SDK (even without any modification, off of latest stable tagged release (tags/stable/jitsi-meet_4627), and even followed ios/scripts/ to generate our JitsiMeet.framework and WebRTC.framework.

Not sure if this is the right procedure, we then replace the Frameworks with the one we built directly into Pods/JitsiMeetSDK, build the app and ran it on a real device. The Jitsi SDK loads, the jitsi connects to the room, but no audio/video is going across. Chat works. but no video/audio.

Any idea why this fails? Is there a better way to replace JitsiMeet SDK when using react-native-jitsi-meet?


We found our problem. Swapping the WebRTC.framework and JitsiMeet.framework actually work well. (We just had a bug in our code, we were using a DOM only function in our JS code…)

Let me know if anyone needs help with Custom iOS SDK builds.

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I have same issue, could you show me how to fix it ?

The problem was really in our code.
What are you trying to do exactly and what are the steps you are taking? Are you building a customized JitsiMeetSDK?

Yes, I am. I follow the docs, built a iOS framework folder and replace it in Pods but I got the issue: no video/audio :frowning:

Do we need to take build for IOS or can we integrate Jitsi React native code directly by removing firebase analytics in react native . Is there a possible way for that ?