React Native, autolinking not working for extra native libraries

I am trying to add, starting from jitsti-meet code, a custom entry point from where i will render some custom view that will contain a button which will then render the jitsti-meet app.

My custom code integration is supposed to use some new native libraries (especially react-navigation, but also others).
When I install those libraries, I alway assume to be in the “autolinking world” because I see that the react-native version used by jitsti-meet is 0.61.5, so it should not be manually linked.

Going through the source code though, I noticed that actually, at least on android, the auto linking feature is not used, all the modules are linked manually in a class called ReactInstanceManagerHolder.

It’s event impossible to use react-native link because it gives error because ReactApplication cannot be found.

What is supposed to be done in order add new libraries to the project which requires native linking?