Reach participants of company who are behind a firewall

Hi, so I’m really happy with jitsi runnig very well with several clients (ipad, iphone, windows, linux, chrome, opera, firefox, edge … everything fine). BUT: I want to use jitsi for work - with participants of a company. The company uses a rigorous firewall and the IT department won’t change any setting (no vid no sound for company-participants - so it’s about the videobridge, right?). Allthough there are several posts of the topic “firewall” I did not find the ultimate answer to the question: Is ist possible to pass a firewall? How? (First step: Tomorrow I’ll try with … )

you need these ports open

80 TCP - for SSL certificate verification / renewal with Let's Encrypt
443 TCP - for general access to Jitsi Meet
10000 UDP - for general network video/audio communications
22 TCP - if you access you server using SSH (change the port accordingly if it's not 22)
3478 UDP - for quering the stun server (coturn, optional, needs config.js change to enable it)
5349 TCP - for fallback network video/audio communications over TCP (when UDP is blocked for example), served by coturn

these two in particular

Hi Derek, thank’s a lot … so as a beginner: Could you give something like a step by step manual what to do? This ist the setting here:

  • local Dell-Server with ubuntu und jitsi meet an nginx
  • port 443 open for https
  • port 80 open for http
  • port 10000 open for udp

So: it is necessary to install coturn as additional stun server via 3478, right? Then additional settings in config.js: 5349 for fallback and activate tcp fallback (port 4443)? Thanks

If TCP/443 is allowed then the corporate clients can connect to your Jitsi server through the turn service.

You can check Setting up TURN or use the unofficial jitsi-buster-installer if this is an Ubuntu 20.04 box.