RE: Recording Storage FIles Locations


I hope someone can assist me: I have just installed Jitsi on our own server (self-hosted) as one would like to test run it. However some quick niggly bits still puzzled about:

  1. Where does Jitsi actually store its recordings (that is the file location…we are using Ubuntu 20LTS server).
  2. Is "drop box the only option what if you have your own NextCloud or readily available Hard disk (or external USB attached) local space etc how would one redirect the storage to those locations?
  3. The Stream to YouTube option is this same feature useable if you have your own media server such as Ant media or similar. If so what exactly does one need to do to get it streamed?

If some one could assist with any or all of the above that would be appreciated.


This is configurable.

You can send the file wherever you want by implementing your own finalize script which is invoked after each recording.

Not currently. There are some workarounds for this in the community. Official support is coming soon.

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Dear BBaldino,

Thanks a million for your prompt feedback and pointers. I am happy these things are configurable on Jitsi and I will follow up on the pointers once I can spare the time to check the files.

Do have a nice day!