Re-log failed - 400 Request header or cookie too large

Hi, and thx developers for this amazing app!

I wish it’s the good place to report issue, please move it if not.
I don’t found similar report.
REM: the log link on reporting bugs is broken! :confused:

I use with firefox for month, and today I get a strange issue.
After a pause (logout, close browser, suspend to ram, and finally wake up and re-start browser), I can’t re-log.

Firefox says: 400 Request header or cookie too large.
Using another computer on the same network cable don’t make issue.
Reboot don’t help.
I finally delete the “jitsi” cookies (parameters>privacy>coockie), and then I can re-log normally.
I’ve made a screenshot of the history link.
bug jitsi

system: ubuntu20.04
firefox: 87.0 (64 bits)
Online version of jitsi meet


This is as the link says and the banner on top of the page Jitsi Desktop Legacy app and has nothing to do with jitsi-meet.

The problem with cookie too large is known and there is nothing we can do about it as this is a bug with amplitude Amplitude is adding too many cookies causing 400 Bad Request errors · Issue #326 · amplitude/Amplitude-JavaScript · GitHub

Ok thanks.
Maybe the error message can says “try to delete jitsi’s cookies” for people who don’t think about it?

I just ran into the same error. The amplitude PR is merged, so I assume this is fixed on their side.
I wanted to remind you as it really is unclear what is going on as the site just suddenly stops working.

Hi, @damencho I am experiencing an issue with cookies. when I write document.cookie in the browser I get a string with all the cookies stored, I can also view the stored cookies in application tab of my developer tools , but when I am trying to access cookies from jitsi reducer.js file it is giving me an empty string