Re: [jitsi-users] Max users per room


Hi damencho,
There are two problems:

  1. I found in the prosody of my VPS version not have the hook “muc-occupant-pre-join”, so it can’t handle the module:hook(“muc-occupant-pre-join”, check_for_max_users, 10), I guess I should upgrade prosody in my VPS, but the version of prosody is 0.9.10. It seems to use this hook in 0.10 or newer version. I installed prosody with jitsi(use the method in, need I upgrade prosody?

  2. How can I send the message to the client, what does this one mean? “event.origin.send(st.error_reply(stanza, “cancel”, “service-unavailable”))”, How can I add some event operation functions in the web-client to tell the client the prosody not allow to join.


  1. Yep, I didn’t realize that this can happen. We are using trunk for all of our deployments, as it depends on some functionality from there about jwt tokens. (Not sure whether those changes are in 0.10 though).
  2. This code returns an error stanza with service-unavailable in reply to the presence used to join the room, this case is already handled in the client and the text will be shown to the user “The limit for maximum number of members has been reached…”