Re-init the Jisagi config wizard

I was going through the setup for Jisagi, but didnt have all the info ready at the time and left everything blank. Is there a way i can re-initiate the setup questions to input the SIP username and password?

apt-get purge jigasi, will delete it and the configuration and on next install you will start clean.

Thank you, that worked.

After adding the correct SIP account and password (i’ve confirmed this on a softphone on my android, using as the SIP provider), i still do not see the dial-in number and pin when i join a meeting. Any ideas?


You need to configure:

dialInNumbersUrl: '.....',
dialInConfCodeUrl:  '....',

For the conf code URL ,you can use the one that uses, and you need to configure the other one yourself.
Here is the format described:

It is json array of numbers:
[{“countryCode”:“US”,“tollFree”:true,“formattedNumber”:"+1 111-222-3333"},
{“countryCode”:“US”,“formattedNumber”:"+1 222-333-4444"}]