Randomly one way audio problem


I have problem with randomly one way audio during the conferences. Some of participants don’t hear one or more users. After refreshing browser or/and open browser in incognito mode or/and delete cache’a browser everything work properly. Is there any option to debug this problem ?


Is this self-hosted version or meet.jit.si?

It’s self-hosted version with independent machines (prosody, 2 x nginx, 8 x jvb, 2 x coturn)

Which jitsi-meet version is this? Are you using pre-join screen?

  1. My jitsi versions :

     jitsi-meet-prosody/now 1.0.5675-1
     jicofo/now 1.0-832-1
     jitsi-meet-web-config/now 1.0.5675-1
     jitsi-meet-web/now 1.0.5675-1
     jitsi-videobridge2/now 2.1-595-g3637fda4-1
  2. I don’t use pre-join screen.

You’re running a very old version that’s still running on Plan B. Chrome has moved to Unified Plan, so you need to update your Jitsi deployment to the latest version (or any of the 4 preceding versions).

It’s stable version from 10-Dec-2021, it’s really old ? I see only two newer versions from 17-Jan-2022 and 28-Jan-2022 : Index of /stable/

I see this warning in browser console :

Chrome changed its webRTC implementation and the current stable Chrome has no support for plan-B. Therefore you need a more recent version of Jitsi as @Freddie said

The newest stable jitsi version from 28-Jan-2022 :
will be work properly in this situation ?

Yes, it should…