Randomize dialin number displayed


I would like to know if there is a way to randomize the dialin number displayed in the info box of a room ?
As the number displayed is the first in the list, randomizing the number on each room would avoid the “flood” of the phone number.

Haven’t found something about this


You can do it on the server in the service listing the numbers

Thanks for the answer.
By “the service listing the numbers” you mean the thing that generates the numbers ?

I belive so, it should be set to randomise one in x amount of numbers you have

Ok, I’m not the one in charge of creating the number list, so I’ll ask.

Also, how is the country chosen if there are different numbers for multiple countries in the list ?

it should take the I.P. adress. honestly I’m not an expert at this so @damencho may answer for you

Any news on the international number ?