Random users spaming youtube videos enters at meeting

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using Jitsi for personal use, make social meets and a live radio-shows at our local radio station. Today we have been in a really strange trouble. We was an a open meeting in the main jitsi server (meet.jit.si) and a random user appeared sharing their screen with a random (at least it seams random) youtube video. I was the moderator of the meeting but the options to mute and kick the user wasn’t present for him. We was at streaming so you can see the effect at different moments of this video

min 24:34, min 29:09, min 43:48, and more. We tried also to put a password on the meet but just was there for few seconds, after that the meet was open, we tried a lot of times. Finally, after few minutes, we could put a password and the entrance was ended.

We published the link of the meet in twitter so I’m not sure if there is a bot catching jitsi meet rooms and make thinks like this. That was really annoying because we was streaming live to this people, but mainly because it is a behavior that we haven’t experimented before.

Thank you for any help.