Random users can't hear audio/see visual

I have an interesting case where after I updated to the latest in early April, I now have random users who cannot hear the audio from other users. They can hear the chat notifications but they cannot hear their audio where everyone else can. They also cannot see the video either.

Any ideas?

Make sure enablelipsync is disabled.

Will test on Monday, thank you Damian!

I am also having save issue, I have lots of meetings and some of the participants can not hear anything. enableLipSync is false, Any solution please @damencho

@Atikur_Rahman, What version are you running, Docker install or no?

Nope , no docker. followed this tutorial https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-jitsi-meet-on-ubuntu-18-04 nothing more. we have about 500 students joining each day in different conference/class. each class has max 60-65 students
Dont know whats wrong .
Anyone can help please

What version of Jitsi are you using?
What resources (RAM/CPU) does your Jitsi host have?

HI, Thanks for reply,
Current jitsi is the latest one, everything is updated.
Ram 64gb, 32vcpu digitalocean server…

We have the same issue regularly on meet.jit.si - random user stop hearing audio or video from randem other participant.

We can play chinese whispers, but we prefer to have a conference. :slight_smile:

When was the last upgrade? Docker or installed directly on the host? Also Damian suggested (which works) setting enablelipsync disabled.

I’d make sure that is done as well.

Hey, about a month late to replying to this - I’d upgrade. I’m not sure what the delineation between the Docker version and the actual server version are.