Random usernames participants in callstats.io

Hi, my jitsi meet installation is with tokens and I can see in my conferences the real user names instead the “Fellow Jitster” but in callstats.io I always see random user names generated for every participant.

Is it posible to see the real usernames in callstats.io?

In https://github.com/jitsi/jitsi-meet/blob/master/config.js#L313 I see the parameter enableDisplayNameInStats. I have set it to true but random user names still appears in callstats.io

Thank you.

There is a switch in their UI to switch usernames, have you tried that?

Thank you Damian. I don’t find the switch you mention in their UI.

This is a screencapture from my configuration in my server:

and this is like I see in callstats

Up in the page on the left there is a switch of changing usernames, what happens when you toggle that?

Up in the page on the left I don’f find any switch of changing usernames. Sorry.

On the top-left there is selector for the search tool in order to change between conf-id an user-id, but you must search for the random names generated.

I think the problem is that jitsi is generating the random names, but not sure. Look at this…

I’m talking about this, do you have it?

Is it possible that this option is not available in the callstat trial account? it doesn’t appear to me either

Damian I don’t see this switch in my callstats.io.

My callstats.io is a Developer account. Not sure if this option is restricted to pay plans.

I asked to the callstats.io support and they anwered me this:

Typically, JM generates random display names and stores them in localStorage. Could you confirm you are seeing the names that are being stored there?

Are you setting this information to be read from somewhere?

But I’m not sure they are understanding me. I don’t know what localStorage they are referring. Do you know it?

I’m going to send them your screen capture in order to ask for this switch in my account. I will inform you with their response.

Thank you.

Do you also have enableStatsID: true in your config?

I don’t find the “enableStatsID” in config files. Where should it be set?

in config.js, take a look at https://meet.jit.si/config.js