Random disconnects with multiple jitsi instances

I have jitsi installed in a docker container which haslways worked perfectly; recently I tried to add a second docker container with all the jitsi components (jdv, prosody and so on). But this second instance does not work:I’m able connect to the conference and if I’m the only user all goes fine, but if I enter in the conference with a second user, after a short while the users are disconnected.

What could be the problem?

Below you’ll find the logs:
jvb.log (14.1 KB) jicofo.log (45.1 KB) prosody.log (5.7 KB) web.log (80.8 KB)

and here the configurations:env1.txt (8.0 KB) env2.txt (9.3 KB)

the first one if the configuration file of the stable container (the one is working), the second one is the configuration file of the container which is suffering from disconnection errrors.

Thank you in advance for any help