Qyuick install problem with ip and certificate (ubuntu 18.04)

I am new to jitsi and I was just following quick install document for deploying jitsi server on my own machine(ubuntu 18.04) with broadband connection. But I got confused some places and got stuck

  1. while installing jitsi-meet,I gave a hostname of my publicIP (as I have no resolvable dns name,I just want to test) and then tried to get selfsigned certificate.
  2. Then I got that,I cant get letsencrypt certificate for a bare IP address.
    how should I proceed or where did I do wrong?

Please help :cold_sweat: and Thanx in advance :heartbeat:

I don’t think you can use letsencrypt to create SSL certificates for IP addresses.

the current Baseline Requirements norm is not to issue certificates for private (RFC 1918-reserved) IP addresses, while certificates for public IP addresses are still permitted. However, Let’s Encrypt has decided not to issue certificates for bare IP addresses even if this would be permitted by the Baseline Requirements.

@Semel what should I do then? I atleast want to host a jitsi server for now at any cost.! if hosting is not possible through private or public ip of my machine (though the documents said that I could use my mchines ip address) then what should I use for resolvable domain name? (Free atleast)
And thanx for your reply…!

letusencrypt won’t work with IP. Go and get a free domain from https://www.noip.com/ and use it.

mine is a shared ip… so will it work?

Yes it should

Thanx for the reply…
I should just forward the required ports(TCP/443 TCP/80 UDP/10000-20000) of the public ip to the ports of my private ip by contacting my isp? so that anyone hitting the public ip will be forwarded to my private ip and so that I should just run the server in my private ip like before?
thanx in advance :heart: