Quick question about localhost (make dev) from stable/jitsi-meet_5390


I have pulled code from the stable release jitsi in my local pc and try to use localhost (make dev), but when I entered a room, it get grey screen,

does backend provide for make dev (alpha.meet.jit.si?) still work for stable release?

I don’t know - TBH I don’t want to know since I’d not try what you are trying to do.
alpha is last release, unstable.You are trying to use a previous client for a new server.
If you want to develop for stable, run your own test server based on stable. If you want stability, don’t use unstable (as its name imply, alpha is not really tested in depth…)

It may not be the actual reason, though.

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Thank you for your reply,
I got what you mean, I suppose I want to develop for the latest stable version that came with quick install, i guess there is an option to do quick install to get unstable version as well right?

it’s at the install first stage, you choose the repo stable/unstable.

Got it,
right now im having my localhost point to my own deployment server, which have stable quick install version, and it is working fine rn, guess i’ll be develop with that.

you may want to install an unstable version also - containers are great for that - and check with it when times allow to not be left behind.

If you don’t mind can you explain in further details how to do that? Can you help pointing me in the right direction of what you’re suggesting, so I can continue research about it, thank you!

it was only generic advice of testing also with recent version, I have no more details.

Alright thanks anw :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

This may help you

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