Quests about Upgrading an existing Jibri Server

I have an environment wih an Ubuntu 18.04 LTS for tests and today i updated everything to the last version. Jitsi meet and everything else is ok , i have a secure domain configured to authenticate in an Active Directory, alowing guests join the meetings. This is fine.

The update was the basic apt-get update and apt-get upgrade.
On Jibri service, a prompt during the upgrade was displayed “package distributor has shipped an updated version” and i hit Yes… upgrade was fine.
I was expecting i would have to do a few changes, that i saw on this topic

The Jibri update rans well, but the file recorded was not working. I saw the /opt/jitsi/jibri/ was changed. I manualy set java 8 in this file, and the upgrade rewrited this config.
After i changed again… my recording file was fine. But i didnt make any change in /etc/jitsi/jibri/config.json file, and i didnt saw a “jibri.conf”.

I feel this is not enough and maybe i miss something , please help here @bbaldino

Thanks for the post.

Yeah I think we always overwrite this.

A couple things on this:

  1. The config upgrade isn’t a breaking change yet, by design. We still honor any values set in config.json. Eventually this will change but not yet.
  2. There should be a (mostly empty) jibri.conf alongside config.json in /etc/jitsi/jibri, you don’t see one there?

Thanks for quick reply!
Ill watch next updates on the, thanks.

There is no jibri.conf and i searched all linux pc too, no file jibri.conf anywhere.

I think the best way to change the default java on a Debian based system is to use update-alternatives

Its a good call, but does the other services fine with java 8 as well?

Weird, the debian package should install it. But, now that I’m thinking about it, we really shouldn’t install it, as this is meant to contain only things overridden/set by the user. All defaults are now in the other file, so this is perhaps for the best (but will still plan to get to the bottom of it).

Well, looks like im being usefull somehow :slight_smile:
I´ll try to create jibri.conf myself and set the new config following that guide

AFAIK the officially supported version is java 8

Thanks. Make sure whatever you add in jibri.conf, you remove the corresponding value from config.json (otherwise the value in config.json will be used).

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Luck on me java11 is ok, when i start using jitsi i saw some how-to on internet and think i was doing an amazing job changing only jibri java :smiley:
I´ll change eveything for java 8, thanks emrah!

I install jitsi and the related services on one LXC container and jibri on another one. I install openjdk11 to the jitsi container (because it’s very important for me to be close to the official Debian repo) and java8 only to the jibri container.

And I don’t install java8 from a third party repo (the same reason, because it’s very important for me to be close to the official Debian repo), I installed nvidia-openjdk-8-jre from the official Debian repo which provides java8 jre. I don’t know this package exists in the Ubuntu repo.