Questions regarding the new LocalRecording feature

I finally had a chance to play with the new Local Recording feature, and it is looking very promising indeed. Many thanks to all involved in making that happen! :bowing_man: :beers:

A couple of initial questions/issues based on my tinkering:

  1. Is it possible to enable local recording without the other recording services?
    • When fileRecordingsEnabled is false then the recording option does not show up at all.
    • I have deployments that has no Jibri support, and would be nice to still allow users to do local recording.
  2. Where does the recording go if the user leaves the room or closes the tab without first stopping recording?
    • I suppose there’s not much we can do if user closes the tab/window, but it would be nice not to lose the recording if we accidentally leave without stopping the recording.


That should be the case. @robertpin PTAL.

Good point. The browser doesn’t allow us to do anything really, we’d need to have a beforeunload handler for the whole conference, which I’m not sure we want…

If it helps, I’m testing on latest stable (2.0.7439-1) and observed that:

  • “Start recording” option not visible if enableLocalRecording: true and fileRecordingsEnabled: false
  • Option shows up once I set fileRecordingsEnabled: true, albeit with the unwanted option.

:see_no_evil: sounds like messy business.

In a pinch, I’d settle for the “Leave Meeting” button being replaced by a “Stop Recording” while local recording is in progress, but I’m aware that’s more a cheap workaround than a proper solution.

This also brushes on another very minor usability issue – up until I discovered that the “Stop sharing” button provided by the browser also stops recording, all my recordings end with a view of me hunting for the “Stop recording” option in menu, with the final frame always the confirmation modal.

  • Perhaps a more prominent button to stop recording, or to auto stop on leave, could help with a more natural stop to recordings
  • Do we need the confirmation modal? It is inconsistent with stopping using the the “Stop Sharing” browser action, which will terminate the recording without confirmation.
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Thanks for feedback, let me check with the rest of the team and get back to you.

Fix for 1. was just merged in master

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