Questions on using a Jitsi Server

I installed Jitsi server on Digital Ocean ubuntu with 4GB

  1. How can I record my meetings to Nextcloud(rather than Dropbox?)
  2. Testing it from my own home - I launch the call from my laptop and I added a user from iOS app
    2.1 In the ios app I needed to put the full url - is there a way around this(making the input shorter or configuring the app so it automatically checks the server’s url)?
    2.2 On the browser in the laptop I could see both video streams(Lapton and iPhone) but in the iPhone jitsi app I could see only the iPhone video - the laptop video was not working. How can I resolve this?

Thank you

You’d need to implement a small script for Jibri ( to upload the recording to some NextCould instance.

Having a login experience like on Dropbox would require more significant work, which we have no short term plans to do.

Yes! Go to settings, and put your server as the default server.

What version of Jitsi Meet did you install in your server? What browser were you using in your laptop? What app version did you install in your iphone?