Questions on Max Participants

Hey everyone, I am working with a group of other summer software interns for a small startup. We have been looking into how to scale in Kubernetes. Currently, we have our jicofo, prosody, and web containers all in one jitsi deployment, and we have our jvb in a stateful set with a HPA that scales when CPU utilization reaches 50%.

Also, another problem we have been looking into has been the maximum amount of participants in a meeting before the quality of a meeting goes way down. I remember reading in an old post that there was just a MAX_PARTICIPANTS variable we could change in the code, and many people mention that there is a limit. Would we able to host more by giving our videobridges a lot of resources on GCP?
However, would we able to host huge meetings if we used OCTO and spread meetings across multiple videobridges? I think this would be better than creating extremely large videobridges on GCP. If anyone knows how to spread meetings across multiple meetings, that would be extremely helpful.