Questions on "configurable transcription language" for Jigasi

I have been messing around with the new Jitsi Stable version and I cannot seem to get the configurable language to work how I think its supposed. Based on the description in the config.js I assumed that if I changed my language in settings that when I enable Closed Captions it should transcribe to that language but I am not seeing that. Also is this translation within the closed captions or just telling the API which language to use? I tried testing both scenarios, ie set my browser to French and spoke French and English but in both cases it showed English closed captions. When I spoke French it just got the words wrong.

I am more just trying to understand the intended functions and use case so I can test properly.

Have you installed latest jigasi?

Lastest, as latest from unstable?

Yes sir.

Installed: 1.1-195-g65ef768-1
Candidate: 1.1-195-g65ef768-1

That is latest from stable, you need latest from unstable that has a commit for that:

Note: I haven’t tested that and I’m not sure whether it works or whether all changes are in current stable …

Updating to the latest unstable got it working after turning off the video model. Apparently French is not supported by the Google Video model. Might be worth automatically turning this setting off for unsupported languages so we can use it for English.

So based on my testing the current behavior is not a translation of one language to another but instead using the correct google API language so it transcribes the language the user is speaking. To test I set two users in a conference, one with English as their language and the other with French. I spoke the same French phrase into each. The French user’s transcription was accurate while the same phrase into the English user was completely wrong.

French user speaking French:

English user speaking French:

2021-08-26 19:12:22.242 WARNING: [96] org.jitsi.jigasi.transcription.GoogleCloudTranscriptionService.log() 572722509/ba51a5cb: received an error from the Google Cloud API io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: INVALID_ARGUMENT: Invalid recognition 'config': The video model is currently not supported for language : fr-FR.
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@jsrobo How you change language from English to French?

@River97 I just changed it on my browser which sets in when navigating to Jitsi.