Questions about the future of jitsi


Will you develop jitsi client in VR, emmm… like Hololens? Or do you have plans to join VR in the future? After all, it is expected that 5G will lead to the upgrade of portable devices. Many people think XR will rise.


We currently have no plans for XR.

Speaking for myself, and not on behalf of the project, here are some random thoughts:

  • 5G is being marketed teribly wrong, it’s not a successor to 4G, it represents a different use case.
  • At any rate, Jitsi operates at the network level, so as long as there is a network to work on, that’s all we care about
  • I find XR not a good fit for conferencing. If users need to wear any kind of device which obstructs their face it completely defeats the purpose of having a video meeting. Having to have an avatar for yourself because your face is covered by a VR device is just a gimmick which looks good at a presentation but won’t see broad use.

(I realize I may look like a fool in the future since this will remain here for posterity. Time will tell :slight_smile: )

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Anyway, jitsi is a fascinating project. Here are some ideas I came up with.

In fact, I’m also a novice in hololens development. I’m finding online for the possibility of implementing video conferencing on VR. A recent Microsoft video is probably what I found similar. Microsoft has proposed an XR remote assistance method. At least this part has been used by Microsoft commercially, but this only supports peer-to-peer. Combined with my view that XR will become a new round of smart devices in the future, I wonder if we can combine jitsi with XR, so I put forward these views to the community, all for the better.

Emm… Interested, you can see their remote assistance at