Questions about release 2.0.6826 (2022-01-17)?

So, looking through the release notes, I wonder about a few things :slight_smile: I mean - I wonder about a lot of the things, because I don’t understand most of them, but these somehow stood out.

    feat(virtual-backgrounds) use new Open Source model

What does this mean? :slight_smile:


    feat(misc) add stalebot


jicofo 1.0-840

    Remove the reservation system. (#852)

There has been a reservation system?

I don’t know the details, but my recollection is that Jitsi used to use the facial recognition models published by Google Meet, but they have since changed their license and it can no longer be used. So we now switched to a different model that is Open Source and we can use without lawyers sending us nasty letters.

Does not affect Jitsi itself. That’s just automation on Github to deal with stale issues. See Stale · GitHub Marketplace · GitHub

Reservation system used to be provided by Jicofo. This has since been ported to a prosody module. See Reservation System setup · Jitsi Meet Handbook