Questions about quality

Hello, I am a user of Jitsi and have integrated it into multiple projects. One such project has more than 200 members and has events where even more people join. We are now hosting Jitis on our own server.

I have the following questions:

  1. The free version of Jitsi is said to handle up to 500 members with 300 having their videos in HD, what is the quality difference to using our own server? What specs does the free service use and what factors affect it? How can we configure a meeting with 500 people on our server to make it optimal and what should we consider based on the whereabouts of the users joining in? How can we gaurantee to have such a meeting actually work?

  2. Sometimes people with fiber get a red signal? Why? What does that depend on? It can make the meeting lag and a critical webbinarium drop in quality, how can we fix this?

  3. How, when, and why is the camera turned-off for some users, as well as the screensharing, it says to save “bandwidth”… can we turn this off (totally or for selective users such as webbinarium speakers)?

Best, Loke

It all depends on server bandwidth. You need to have enough resources for the signalling node and enough bridges configured with relay to accommodate the big meeting.

This can be a glitch in their network anf it will recover, or it can be a problem on the server’s network.

This does what it says, a low bandwidth is detected and in order to continue the normal participation in the meeting the videos are turned off one by one to fill in only what is available. Only screenshare would be over-send and not stopped.
If you turn this off, especially for a big meeting you risk a bad experience and people even can start reconnecting because their network was full with sent videos …

Are there any specific server requirements, could the fact that we lack a GPU or running Jitsi through docker affect this?

GPU is not used at all.
The most important part is the network. And the requirements are 4 Cores 8GB RAM as a minimum for the signaling node and the same for the jvb nodes.